Key findings

Summary of complex challenges and solutions

Comparison of universal lockdown and targeted protection of risk persons

Corona Reduit is a private, voluntary and temporary self-isolation of Covid-19 risk patients in vacant hotels and holiday flats of the Swiss Alps as a national undertaking.

The proposal was submitted as part of the recent #versusvirus Hackathon in Switzerland. For the Corona Reduit volunteers, the hackathon was only a beginning. We continued working since then to gather and analyse more data, enhance the concept, and share as much related information about the coronavirus as we can.

The project team intends to transfer the concept and its execution to stakeholders without any compensation. We are offering free support when needed. We have been in contact and are looking for partner organizations and influencial private individuals to make the Corona Reduit concept happen.


We gathered, analysed, and visualized the most relevant statistics to Covid-19 risk group persons in Switzerland. Find out our key findings by exploring the interactive dashboards below. Click the blue buttons with titles to navigate from one dashboard to another.