We gathered, analysed, and visualized the most relevant statistics to Covid-19 risk group persons in Switzerland. Find out our key findings by exploring the interactive dashboards below. Click the blue buttons with titles to navigate from one dashboard to another.

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  1. Hi! Great job!
    Little comment: Life expectancy includes population at large, also people dying in a young age. It is life expectancy at birth.
    In this case it would be more relevant to compare with the life expectancy at 80-84. I’ve read people lost somewhere around 11 to 13 years of life… Most 80 yeras old are still playing a very active in society, looking after grand kids, involved in associations and investing in companies.
    Presented like that it twists the perception and makes one think: they would have died right then anyways…

    1. yes it is a somewhat vague comparison that needs context: the study calculating 11 to 13 lost years does not account for pre-existing conditions (comorbidities, > 95% of deaths) and nursing home residency (rougly 50% of deaths). Both variables drastically shorten life expectancy compared to the general population. Nursing home residents stay there for 1.5 years on average: https://www.aargauerzeitung.ch/aargau/fricktal/die-zeit-im-pflegeheim-wird-fuer-die-meisten-kuerzer-dafuer-intensiver-130101174
      Also important to note: death with Covid-19 ages are medians not averages.

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